Little Farm Flowers is a floral design co. & small scale flower farm that designs for weddings and events in California.  Home base is in good Healdsburg, CA. We support local growers and source flowers from our own farm and other sustainably produced flowers grown locally in California. LFF is not your traditional florist. Our arrangements are a *little* wild, creative and are thoughtfully arranged using unique and old-fashioned flower varietals. 

Why local, you ask? 

Well, imagine this: A fragrant, blooming bouquet of freshly cut jasmine, honeysuckle vine and sweet peas intertwined with lush dahlias, chocolate lace and antique garden roses. Imagine being able to order this freshly cut bouquet for loved ones on their birthday, for your bridal bouquet or to simply brighten your desk space in your cubical. Nowadays, it's hard to find these types of "old-fashioned" blooms in many of the local florist shops or chain grocery markets.

Nearly 80% of flowers in America are imported from Latin America and Europe and are embalmed in pesticides, preservatives and fungicides. For example, those tightly coiled roses that you see in your grocery store and many florist shops are literally dipped in toxic chemicals (chemicals illegal here in the U.S.) before they are wrapped in plastic and shipped 3,000 miles across seas. These roses will never fully open up and bloom! When you buy domestic, local and seasonal flowers, you are supporting American family farms that can compete with quality and freshness. Not to mention, your flowers will smell like real flowers.  Many overseas flowers, like roses amongst other varieties, are bred to lose their scent so they last longer. The more fragrant the flower, the shorter their life-span. Your local farmers don't have to worry about that since they aren't shipping overseas, phew! 

Want to learn more about the $40 billion dollar cut flower industry and how American flower farmers have been affected ever since the boom of 1-800-Flowers? Read Flower Confidential, by Amy Stewart.

Little Farm Flowers wants to help bring our quality, old-fashioned flower varietals back.